Great transfer bonus from Coast Rewards to Aeroplan – earn up to 300,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles!

The Coast Hotels Coast Rewards awesome transfer bonus to Aeroplan has returned! Last seen in October of 2016 (at least that’s the last time we posted about it here on RC) the bonus provides 4x the Aeroplan miles for every Coast Rewards points converted. This means you can get anywhere from 2,000 to 300,000
Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you convert those points. That’s right, 300,000 bonus Aeroplan miles. This time around the offer is even better than the 2016 version as that time it was triple miles on all transfer levels and only quadruple on the highest redemption option. That’s not the case this time as you’ll get quadruple miles on all transfers!

These are transfer levels from Coast Rewards and the miles you’ll get:

1,000 Coast Rewards Points = 4,000 Aeroplan Miles (1,000 base + 4,000 bonus)
1,500 Coast Rewards Points = 6,000 Aeroplan Miles (1,500 base + 4,500 bonus)

5,000 Coast Rewards Points = 20,000 Aeroplan Miles (5,000 base + 15,000 bonus)

10,000 Coast Rewards Points = 40,000 Aeroplan Miles (10,000 base + 30,000 bonus)
20,000 Coast Rewards Points = 80,000 Aeroplan Miles (20,000 base + 60,000 bonus)
50,000 Coast Rewards Points = 200,000 Aeroplan Miles (50,000 base + 150,000 bonus)

100,000 Coast Rewards Points = 400,000 Aeroplan Miles (100,000 base + 300,000 bonus)


I don’t know how many of you out there have 100,000 Coast Rewards
Points as there are only 35 hotels to earn points at with a 1 point to
1.5 point / dollar earn rate but I suspect there
may be one or two of you who do have that many points and for you to get 400,000 Aeroplan Miles is
pretty sweet. The website doesn’t state an end date for the promotion but if 2016 is any indication this will only be around for a couple of weeks. Learn more about this promotion here.