Rewards Canada Special Offer: Free Club 1 Hotels Silver Membership with savings of up to 60% at 1.5 million+ hotels


You may recall that several times over the past few years we have run special offers with Club1 Hotels and it is that time of year again to bring you another one! You
may ask what is Club1 Hotels? Club1 Hotels are a global luxury hotel
travel club that offers its members Guaranteed Savings of up to 60% off
at over 1.5 million hotels and resorts worldwide. On top of this they also
provide exclusive discounts on flights, private charter jets, golf, car
rentals, luxury villas and more.  

Via this special Rewards Canada offer our readers will get their Silver Rewards membership for free,  not just for one year this time but for as long as you are a member. The Silver Rewards membership provides up to 60% Off and 2 ClubONE Points for every $1 USD spent on every hotel, resort, vacation rental home, car rental and activity bookings made on the Club 1 Hotels website and/or mobile app.

Since this offer waives your entire membership fees there is no
harm to join and try Club 1 Hotels. They don’t take your credit card
number and memberships do not auto renew so you don’t have to worry
about a ‘subscription’ style service. By joining you’ll have one more
tool under your belt to try to find the best deals when you shop around
for hotels. Remember too that Club 1 is not just for hotels – they also
offer discounts with numerous cruise lines, car rental companies and

Here’s a head up though – booking major chain hotels via Club 1 will in most cases
mean you won’t earn points or elite status credit or you may not receive
your status benefits on a stay but the savings can be worth
it. You just need to shop around to see if Club 1’s pricing is that much
better. For non-chain hotels or hotels that don’t have loyalty programs,
or maybe they do but it is one  you don’t frequent then you’ll
definitely want to try Club 1 in your comparison shopping.

Click here to learn more and take advantage of Rewards Canada’s special offer with Club 1 Hotels!

Have you used Club 1 Hotels and/or a member? Let us know what your experience has been with them!