Hilton Honors next systemwide promotion has been revealed – Double Points & Elite Nights


Loyalty Lobby broke the news just over a day ago that the details for Hilton Honor’s next systemwide promo had been revealed. There isn’t a registration landing page available yet but the FAQ page
is what went out on the web which astute searchers have found. The new
promotion called Double Rewards will net Honors members who register for
it double Honors Points and Double Elite night credits for each stay at
a Hilton family hotel from September 8 through to December 31, 2020.
When you have a ‘double’ offer versus say the current flat rate bonus of 2,000 bonus Honors points
you have a promotion that is more valuable for those more expensive
stays – whether its one night at a high end expensive location or a
multiple night stay at less expensive locations. It’s those one night
$80 rates that will be earning less of a bonus for the fall but when you
think about it this type of promotion makes sense from the hotel
chain’s perspective. Many hotel rates are grossly discounted right now
due to a severe lack of travel happening so in terms of preserving
revenues it makes more sense for Hilton to offer this double points and
double elite night credit promotion. In most cases the double points
costs them less than the flat rate bonus and in all likelihood the
double elite night credit will go unused by the majority of members who
already hold status or won’t even come close to earning status. However
it is very enticing and rewarding for those who are already travelling
frequently as the bonus elite credit counts towards milestone bonuses,
fast tracks and even rollover nights – something Hilton is properly
counting on!

Offer details:

Double Honors Points & Double Elite Night Credits per stay at Hilton Hotels worldwide. Full details, online registration & booking (Registration is required – Link is not live yet, please keep checking back!)  Sep 8 – Dec 31, 20

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Image via Hilton