Up to a 100% bonus when you buy Air France KLM Flying Blue Miles

If I’m not mistaken this is the best ever bonus for buying Flying Blue Miles
from Air France KLM. Previous offers have seen 60 to 75% bonuses but
never 100%. At least that’s the case from going through our archive of
posts. When you buy at the 100% level each Flying Blue will cost you
1.375 Euro Cents or about 2.15 C$ cents each.

This is a pretty good deal for these miles but can be potentially a even bigger deal if and I mean if and when Flying Blue brings back their monthly Promo Rewards promotion that offer up to 50% off award tickets. Combining a 100% bonus on buying miles and then receiving 50% off business class tickets between Canada and Europe is huge! However I’m only dreaming right now as the Promo Rewards have been paused and its entirely possibly they won’t return until next year when the buy miles bonus is over. Good thing is this buy miles bonus is not a short term promotion like most other buy miles promos – this one actually runs until December 31 so you have a long time to decide on buying miles.

Offer details:

Up to a 100% bonus when you buy Air France KLM Flying Blue Miles. Buy miles here.  Until Dec 31, 20

– 50% bonus when you buy 2,000 to 10,000 miles

– 75% bonus when you buy 12,000 to 28,000 miles

– 100% when you buy 30,000 or more miles.

Elite members can buy up to 100,000 miles annually, all other members can buy 75,000 miles annually.