AIR MILES and Shell introduce Shell Go+ – an opportunity for all cardholders to earn more AIR MILES Reward Miles

AIR MILES gave us a quick teaser last week that collectors will be able to earn more miles with Shell and details would be revealed this week. Those details are out now with the new initiative being called Shell Go+ and it is described to us by AIR MILES as “provides access to a full suite of member benefits along with special
monthly offers and experiences, enabling Collectors to get more Miles
and therefore, rewarded quicker.

These are the new reward opportunities with Shell Go+:

  • Up to 100 per cent more Miles on all Shell fuels AND in-store purchases
    — no longer are you limited to the types of fuel to get Miles
  • Getting topped up to 5X the Miles when using a BMO AIR MILES credit card
  • 10 Bonus Miles when using 95 Cash Miles towards a purchase
  • 10 Bonus Miles with the purchase of any Shell Ultimate car wash and more!

The benefits of Shell Go+ are currently set to run for the remainder of 2020 and are on top of new regular earn rates revealed today for gas and in-store purchases:

  • 1 Mile for every 10 L Shell V-Power premium fuels +
  • 1 Mile for every 20 L Shell Bronze, Silver and Diesel fuels9 +
  • 1 Mile for every $5 in-store

The new regular earn rates are actually better than the old school rates that were devalued 5 years ago to the very low rate we’ve become accustomed to for this half decade (read about that here) Then you add in the Shell Go+ initiative for the remainder of this year and you have some pretty decent earning potential at Shell. The ones that really stick out to me are the 5x miles when using your BMO AIR MILES credit card at Shell and the 20 bonus miles when you spend $20 or more in store. Ideally if you can keep those purchases right at the $20 level you’ll be earning more than 1 AIR MILE per dollar spent (4 base miles + 20 bonus) which is an extremely good return!

The way Shell Go+ is worded is that may become an exclusive program after 2020 as right now the website states the following:

How to qualify for Shell Go+
Good news! Shell is giving all AIR MILES Collectors complimentary membership to Shell Go+ for the remainder of 2020.

So all members get this Shell Go+ membership for 2020 but me thinks you’ll have to reach a certain spend or mileage accumulation with Shell to qualify in the future. I’ll reach out to AIR MILES to see if this will be the case and report back.

Learn more about Shell Go+ here.