Save 20% on Avis car rentals in Canada and a tip for getting them at a lower price

The final part of the three part promotion from Air Canada, Avis and Fairmont Hotels that we still need to cover here on Rewards Canada is the car rental special from Avis. The first two parts can be found in the following posts:

The Avis portion sees the car rental company also offer 20% off their base rates for rentals in Canada. These rentals need to be booked by June 16, 2020 and the actual rental only needs to be completed by June 16, 2021. You must quote AWD # C285901 when you book online at Avis.

Here’s a quick look at a 2 day rental in Toronto:

The above rental was quoted on the global using the AWD # C285901. I also tested it out from the actual offer page on Avis’ Canada site and (not) surprisingly they charge more for the same rental even with the 20% off:

This comparison is for a 2 day rental from Avis at Pearson International and as you can see the .ca site is over $60 more for the exact same rental! So that’s the tip for finding the rental at a lower price – don’t book it on the .ca site. Go to and manually enter the AWD # C285901 or just use the code that automatically populates with this link as it also gives you the 20% off.

One more comparison for you. This is Vancouver’s Georgia & Hornby Avis location – care to take a guess which screen shot is .ca and which is .com?