Receive a 20% bonus when you buy Best Western Travel Cards for future travel

The offers for future travel just keep on coming! The first one for today comes from Best Western and they are offering a 20% bonus on Best Western Travel/Gift Cards.
When you buy a $100 gift card they will give you a $20 bonus card to
use. You can buy up to $500 worth of gift cards with this promotion to
receive $100 in bonus cards. You also have the choice to buy the cards in CAD or USD which is great for us Canadians seeing that most will be travelling within our own borders this year. Note the terminology difference in the
cards – the travel/gift card is a true gift card – that is it has no
expiry date as they can’t put one on them due to laws against it in
countries like the U.S. and Canada. However the bonus card is not
considered as such since it is an incentive and you are not paying cash
for it. That means they can put an expiry on the bonus card and have
done so. Any bonus cards you receive are only valid until December 31,
2020. Nonetheless if you think you’ll be traveling and staying at Best
Western hotels this year then by all means avail of this offer to garner
those savings!

Offer details:

Receive a $20 Best Western Bonus Card for every $100 Best Western
Travel/Gift Card you purchase. The bonus card is awarded for purchases
of up to $500 of gift cards. Learn more and purchase gift cards here. Until Sep 30, 20