New tool shows you where you can travel within Canada and what countries are open to Canadians

Many of Canada’s travel providers, agencies and tourism boards joined forces in May to create the Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable. What is the Roundtable? It’s best described by them as follow:

The Canadian Tourism Roundtable is a cross-Canadian coalition of leaders
in the tourism and travel sector – including representatives from
airports, airlines, hotels, and chambers of commerce across the country –
committed to working together to restart the sector smoothly and
safely. Travel and Tourism is a $102 billion
sector, employing millions of Canadians across the country and
accounting for 2.1% of the country’s gross domestic product. It
advocates for a safe and prosperous tourism and travel sector across

One of the first big initiatives they have launched for the Canadian consumer is their website and its primary feature is showing you where you can travel to within Canada and also abroad. For travel within Canada you can select what province you live in and the site will display a map of which provinces you can and cannot travel to. For example, here is the map set for my home province of Alberta:

You can click on each province for more details, for example here is Newfoundland:

Green shows where travel is possible, light purple allows travel with restrictions while the darker purple shows where I am not able to travel to right now. This is a very handy tool for today’s market seeing that the majority of Canadians who are going to travel are going to do so within our own borders. You will want to note the map is for current rules and regulations and does not provide information for future travel. It would be nice if that function was integrated into the site where you can put your travel dates in and the map show you that yes or no you can travel for so and so time (so long as that information is available). Having that feature would make it useful for promotions such as Aeroplan’s 50% miles back offer on right now so you could see if it is worthwhile to redeem at this time. Yes, Aeroplan’s refund policy is amazing and negates pre-planning until August 31 however you’re still subject to go through the booking and refund process and knowing beforehand simply saves you the time and effort.

The site also provides details on which countries are also open to Canadian travellers:

It does seem like the list of countries isn’t complete as we know of more countries allowing Canadians in however the website does show the last update was June 26 so perhaps those other countries will show up in the next update.

You can try the page out for yourself here and we will also provide a link to it (and reference it) on our COVID-19 Resource page.

All images courtesy of Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable.