Confirmed! You can earn $50 in Best Western Gift Cards with just one stay this summer!

In my post yesterday detailing Best Western Rewards‘ newest promotion I proposed that it could very well be combined with their other offer that I detailed the week before. I said that based on the terms and conditions you could possibly earn the $25 Best Western Gift Card from the Tanks-A-Lot offer along with the $25 Gift Card for completing one stay at a Best Western hotel. I reached out to Best Western and have confirmation from them that this is the actual case! This means with just one Best Western stay you can earn $50 in Best Western Gift Cards. This gives you the potential to have a big return on just one Best Western stay.

To show the value I grabbed some screen shots of rates available in select cities in Canada on August 11:

All pretty decent rates but look at the one from Montreal! $89.99 (about $107 with taxes) and you can get $50 in travel cards to use for a future stay. That’s almost a 50% return on that one stay. No matter where you stay or even what you pay ultimately you can make $50 on that stay.

Remember that you can also buy Best Western Travel Cards in $100 denominations with a 20% bonus right now. So if you buy a C$100 card you’ll get that plus a $20 bonus card. The Prince Albert example above would come to around $120 once you take into account taxes and fees. So you pay $100 to buy a Best Western Travel card – you get $120 with the bonus, use it to pay for the stay and then you get the $50 in travel cards for future use. So that $120 stay ends up only costing you $50 if you take into account the $50 you received back.

So how do you get the $50 in travel cards?

First make sure you register for the Best Western Rewards Rush promotion – that is the one where you earn a $25 gift card after one stay. Even if you don’t know your plans yet, just register now for it. It is good for stays until September 7. Then make sure to keep the Best Western Tanks-A-Lot promotion up front and centre in your mind. You don’t need to register for it but you have to email Best Western after your stay is completed with a receipt showing you bought some gas or charged an electric vehicle within 10 days of your stay and they’ll issue you another $25 travel card. This offer is good for stays until August 31 so if you want to make sure you complete one stay complete by the end of August to earn the $50.

You will also earn your regular Best Western Rewards Points on these stays, so if we take the Montreal example you’ll earn 890 points if you are Blue member all the up to 1,335 points if you are a Diamond elite member. With an average value of about 0.5 cents that’s another $4 to $6 in value. Then if you pay for your stay with a card like the mbna Best Western Mastercard® you’ll earn 5 points per dollar on that stay as well, so another 535 points with the Montreal example.

Do be aware that the $25 travel cards from both promotions have an expiry date of December 31, 2020 so you will have to use them up by then for another stay.

Rewards Rush Offer details

Receive a $25 Best Western Gift Card when you complete one stay at a
Best Western Hotel in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Full details, online registration & booking  (Registration is required) Until Sep 7, 20

For residents of the U.S. and Canada only

Tanks-A-Lot offer details

Receive a $25 Best Western Travel Card when you complete 1 stay at a
Best Western Hotel and submit a gas receipt or electric vehicle charging
receipt within 10 days of your stay. Full details & online booking

For residents of the U.S. and Canada only