Amex Shop Small promotion returns for the summer and it’s better than ever – earn up to $50 in statement credits nationwide!

Amex’s awesome Shop Small offer is back again for the summer and it is better than ever! American Express knows how much small businesses in Canada have suffered over the past few months and are looking to support them with this iteration of the Shop Small campaign:

“Small businesses across the country need our support now more than
ever. Shop Small is about standing by the small business owners who have
given so much to our communities,” says Lisa Kalhans, President and CEO
of American Express Canada. “As an organization, we understand the
critical role we can play in encouraging not only our own Cardmembers,
but all Canadians to get out there and show up for small businesses.”

And how is American Express doing this when you compare it to past Shop Small offers? There are three primary differences with this summer’s Shop Small promotion. First, it isn’t limited to Shop Small merchants in only four cities, this time it is any Shop Small merchant in Canada – from coast to coast to coast. Second, there isn’t a cap on the number of cardholders who can register for the promotion and third they have doubled the number of times you can earn the statement credit from the usual 5 times seen in past promotions to 10 times for this one!

The offer

The offer is the same for every American Express cardmember and card. Each time you spend $10 at Shop Small merchant you will receive a $5 statement credit. This statement credit can be earned up to 10 times for a maximum of $50 in statement credits. The offer is available for purchases made until September 13, 2020.

If you aren’t familiar with American Express’ Shop Small program we have a feature to help you out:  A step by step guide to the American Express Shop Small Program which shows you how to find merchants who participate in the program. Essentially American Express Shop Small merchants aren’t your major nationwide chain stores. You won’t find Wal-Mart on the list but you will find mom and pop shops, small regional chains, restaurants and other small businesses. The best way to find out which merchants you can use your American Express Card at to earn the statement credit is to go to the American Express Shop Small website and look for the Shop Small icon beside the merchant:

Ideally, those looking to maximize the offer will only spend $10 at each

location to come out with what is essentially a 50% discount but I know for me I don’t even think about that. I’ll simply go to my local merchant and buy what I need to buy whether it is $10, $30 or $300. I will however consider spending more if I am only at $7 I’ll look to see if there is anything else I can grab to get to that $10 since I’ll be getting the $5 back – and that is the gist of this promotion. Getting you to spend a little more at these merchants to help them out!

You can register for Shop Small promotion the via Amex Offers on the app or Amex
Canada website and you must register your card(s) to start earning the credits:

If the offer doesn’t show up in the app or in your account on the web you can register for it right here.

Happy shopping!

Learn more about Shop Small here.