AIR MILES Bonus Boom returns June 18 through July 1

Back on March 17 AIR MILES decided to postpone their big Mega
Miles promotion due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and we still haven’t seen it return – however we now see the second Bonus Boom promotion in the span of just 1 month! I have a feeling we won’t see Mega Miles return until the fall and AIR MILES will give us several more Bonus Booms until then.

While we don’t know all the offers yet for the June edition of Bonus Boom we do know they have thrown in an extra little bonus that is reminiscent of Mega Miles and that’s a multiple partner bonus. In this case if you use three different Bonus Boom offers you’ll get 95 bonus AIR MILES. All the offers will be revealed on June 16 so that you can prepare to shop to your heart’s content from June 18 to July 1.

Learn more about Bonus Boom here.