Monday, May 4, 2020

Offer extended on the Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite card - 10% back for first three months & first year free

The popular limited time offer of 10% cash back for the  Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card has been extended to July 1. Right now for new applications Scotia will award you with 10% cash back on all purchases up to $200 cash back in the first three months. Not only that but they will waive the first year annual fee of $120 on the primary card and if you grab a supplementary card they'll waive the $50 fee on that as well at no cost. That means if you can spend $2,000 on the card in the first three months you'll get the full $200 at no cost.

After the first three months you will have your usual 4%, 2% and 1% returns and with the annual fee waived in the first year it won't cost you anything to give this card a shot. Remember your cash back reward gets paid out in November so you'll want to wait until then to cancel this card if so chose to.  This offer is valid for applications made up until July 1, 2020

This card ranked third overall in our last Top Cash Back Credit card rankings.

Below is the most current offer for the card. It may not reflect the discussion above.

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