Aeroplan buy miles bonus of up to 115% starts now!

Just a friendly reminder that the amazing 115% bonus on buying Air Canada Aeroplan miles starts now! There are only 10 million miles available at 115% which means it won’t last long – I’m guessing a few minutes at most. After that the bonus drops to a still very respectable 90% for the next 100 million miles and then drops to 65%.

Starting May 7 at 10:00 am ET until May 13 at 11:59 pm ET, Aeroplan
members will be able to buy miles and receive bonus miles on their

* For the first 10 million Aeroplan Miles sold, members get a 115%
bonus; equivalent to $0.014 CAD/mile + sales tax OR $0.01 USD/mile;

* The next 100 million miles sold, members get a bonus of 90%; equivalent to $0.016 CAD/mile + sales tax + $0.011 USD/mile;

* All miles sold after this will get a bonus of 65%; equivalent to $0.018 CAD/mile + sales tax OR + $0.013 USD/mile

If you have knowledge of buying miles and buy miles promotions you’ll
know right off the bat the first 10 millions miles at 0.014 cents CAD (1
cent USD) is truly one of the best buy miles offers ever. How so? For
so many Aeroplan award flight options you can easily get 1.5 cents or
more in value when redeeming for economy class flights and easily 2 to
7+ cents per mile when redeeming for business class or first class
flights. Even at 1.8 cents per mile with the 65% bonus there is a lot of
potential to be buying future premium class flights at a discount. When you buy miles you can buy up to 250,000 miles in one transaction
and you have a 500,000 mile limit per year to buy miles – and those
numbers are before bonuses.


You can access the Aeroplan buy miles page here

Let us know if you are one of the lucky ones who does get the 115% bonus!