Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Well that didn't last long - Mastercard World & World Elite cards may lose Foodora benefit

At the beginning of the month we let you  know about the new benefits that Mastarcard Canada added to all World and World Elite Mastercards in Canada. The primary new benefits were free global Wi-Fi with Boingo and credits for using Foodora and Ritual. News broke yesterday via CTV News that Foodora will be exiting the Canadian market on May 11.  This news has been confirmed on Foodora Canada's Twitter account:

Image via Twitter
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At the time of posting there is no mention of this news on Mastercard Canada's website and the offer with Foodora appears to still be valid as they haven't shut down yet. This means you should be able to utilize at least part of the offer of earning up to $30 in credits if use Foodora up to May 10. The offer is $15 off your first order of $30 or more and then $5 off every third order for three orders. The latter is in the form of a voucher awarded after your second order and with less than two weeks before shutdown I wouldn't put my money on receiving those vouchers in time to use them.

It is entirely possible this offer may remain if you use your eligible Mastercard for Foodora purchases outside of Canada as the terms and conditions of the offer doesn't  explicitly state that your order has to be made in Canada. I have reached out to Mastercard if this will be the case but I find it unlikely that the benefit will continue to be offered after May 11.

Hopefully Mastercard Canada is already working behind the scenes to add another benefit that will be of more value to their Canadian cardholders.

Title image via Foodora

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