New World of Hyatt and American AAdvantage Elite Tier Status Challenge

Over the past few years we have seen expanded partnerships between hotel loyalty programs and airline frequent flyer programs emerge and one of those was a partnership between World or Hyatt and American AAdvantage. This partnership is coming up on being a year old (See our post from last year) and essentially the partnership allows elite members in either program to earn additional points or miles in the other program once they linked their accounts. Today the programs announced a limited time offer that is provides an opportunity to fast track to elite tier status in the partner’s program based on qualifying activity:

  • Eligible World of Hyatt Explorists and Globalists can register by September 30, 2020 and complete qualifying AAdvantage® activity within three months to achieve AAdvantage® Gold, Platinum or Platinum Pro status through January 2022. Once earned, they can enjoy elite benefits like priority boarding, free checked bags, elite mileage bonus, preferred seats and complimentary upgrades.
    • This activity is earned when a member flies on eligible tickets for
      flights marketed and operated by American Airlines or American Eagle.
      • Eligible AAdvantage® Platinum, Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum members can register by October 2, 2020 and complete qualifying World of Hyatt activity within 90 days to achieve World of Hyatt Explorist or Globalist status through February 2022. Once earned, they can enjoy elite benefits like a dedicated check-in area, late check-out upon request, room upgrades and club lounge access or complimentary breakfast.
        • This activity is earned when a member books an eligible rate or award night through Hyatt channels.
      • Eligible World of Hyatt and AAdvantage® members must successfully link their accounts and register in order for qualifying activity to count toward earning elite tier status during the offer period.
      • Members can choose when to register for this offer based on the timing that works best for their travel plans. Once registered, they will be notified of the offer details, including the qualifying activities and specific offer period.
      • World of Hyatt and AAdvantage® elite members can continue earning more points and miles through this strategic relationship once they link their accounts, including:
        • AAdvantage® Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum members can earn one AAdvantage®bonus mile for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying Hyatt stays and experiences.
        • World of Hyatt Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist members can earn one World of Hyatt Bonus Point for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying American Airlines flights.This is in addition to the AAdvantage® miles elite members already earn on flights and the World of Hyatt® points elite members already earn for hotels stays. 
        • AAdvantage® miles earned on eligible Hyatt hotel spend are bonus miles and do not count toward elite qualifying miles.
        • World of Hyatt Bonus Points earned for qualifying American Airlines flights do not count toward elite tier status in World of Hyatt.

      When this partnership launched the programs did state that there will be limited promotions for fast tracking to elite status and that promise is holding true with this promotion. As is stated in the details for the offer above you may want to time your registration right as you have 90 days or three months to complete the promotion activities to earn status in whichever program you required. So contrary to our normal mantra of registering for a promotion right when it comes out this time it is the opposite. For example if you are a World of Hyatt Explorist or Globalist but don’t have any American Airlines flights planned until the fall (which could entirely be the case with the current Coronavirus situation) you’ll want to wait to register until sometime in September. Of course if your plans change and you have a flight sooner come back to this offer and register for it before you book that flight. Same goes the other direction in that if you have AAdvantage Platinum, Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum status don’t register for this offer until you know can complete your Hyatt activity within 90 days of registering.

      Learn more about and register for this offer here.