Receive a 50% bonus when you buy Marriott Bonvoy points

Earlier in the week Marriott Bonvoy revealed their next buy points offer.
This is Marriott’s fourth offer on buying points since taking over SPG,
who was famous for their offers! All the previous offers were discounts
on the price of the points while this time they take a new approach and
keep the pricing at the base amount but are adding bonus points. When
you 2,000 or more Bonvoy points you’ll receive a 50% bonus and they have
also increased the maximum number of points you can buy from 50,000 to
100,000 annually with this promotion. Note that you can only buy 50,000
points in one transaction so you would have to complete 2 transactions
to get to the annual maximum. Marriott points are sold a flat rate so
you are paying the same amount per point if you buy 2,000 points or
50,000 points. With a 50% bonus the per point cost drops to 0.83 cents
(US) or about 1.1 cents in Canadian dollars. This is the lowest price we have seen for Marriott points to date
but still not as low as we saw with SPG. With that being said 0.83 cents US
is a pretty good price seeing that you can easily achieve well over 1
cent US per point on award night redemptions – more so if you take
advantage of the 5th night free benefit.

For example, Rewards Canada’s most recent redemption was just over 1.4 cents (C$) so such a
redemption would be advantageous if you bought the points at 1.1 cents
each – that’s only of course if you don’t already have tons of points in
your account which we did. And that 1.4 cents was only for four nights as that’s all our schedule allowed, had we had more time we could have received a fifth night for free and have bumped that up to about 1.75 cents per point.

Chances are I won’t be buying points this time as we still have well over 7 figures in our accounts but for those of you who are on the low end this could be an opportune time to buy some – as long as you know you can use them soon and will come out ahead.

Offer details:

50% Bonus Bonvoy Points when you buy 2,000 or more points online. Buy points here. Until Mar 25, 20

You can buy a maximum of 100,000 points annually with this promotion.

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