New limited time welcome bonuses for Tangerine credit cards – Earn a $250 bonus when you spend $5,000 within three months

Tangerine released new limited time increased sign up bonuses today for their Money-Back Credit Card and Tangerine World Mastercard® cards. If you apply for the card by March 31 you’ll get $250 cash back when you spend $5,000 on either of the cards with the first three months of having them (well 92 days to be exact) This bonus is over and above the regular 2% earn rate in your selected
categories and 0.5% on all other spending. The $250 translates to 5% back meaning you can earn up to 7% back in those first three months. The key factors however in this offer versus the old offer that just ended yesterday is that you have to spend $5,000 (albeit any spending, not just bonused categories) instead of earning 4% on the three categories of your choice and 0.5% on all other spending. So now we see a minimum spend requirement and a cap all in one. That being said this is a pretty decent sign up bonus and if you can spend $1667 on your card each month for three months, especially in the accelerated categories you choose then you may want to consider one of these two cards.

These are the spending categories you can choose from to earn the higher cash back rates:

Once, one of the best cash back cards out there the current version of
the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is now somewhere in the middle of
the pack for cash back cards (same with the new World version) but the earn of 7% (and then 2%) on certain
categories might just make the best sense for some of you!!