Hyatt’s 2020 hotel category changes are here – 217 hotels changing categories Worldwide with no changes in Canada

Following on the heals of Marriott’s hotel category changes from two weeks ago, Hyatt Hotels released their hotel changes for the World of Hyatt program last week. A much smaller hotel chain when compared to Marriott, Hyatt’s changes don’t look as drastic as Marriott’s. As we always start with, there are no actual changes to the number of points required for the actual redemption categories – the changes we are alluding to are for individual hotels moving up or down in those redemption categories. Here are the categories and the point requirements for each:

 This is just the standard award night redemption chart – there are additional charts and requirements for suite upgrades, points+cash, all inclusive resorts and more.  You can see all the charts here.

As well, we now know when the previously announced Peak and Off Peak rates will start. Those will be on the same day the hotel category changes happen and that is March 22, 2020.

This year will see 217 of Hyatt’s hotel change categories with an almost even split between going up or down in categories. 117 will be going up while 100 will go down. You can find the complete list of hotels changing here.

You should consult this chart if you are planning on booking any Hyatt hotels outside of Canada with points in the near future as you’ll want to lock in a hotel that is going up before March 22 as you’ll only pay the current points requirement. Oh and if you are planing or have already booked a hotel that will go down after March 22 Hyatt will automatically refund you the points difference – no need to cancel and rebook or wait until after that date to book.

You’ll notice I mentioned ‘outside of Canada’ in the paragraph above and that’s simply because no hotels in our country are changing – they are all staying the same. We don’t have a lot of Hyatt hotels here but I know the program is quite popular with the frequent traveller crowd and the chain is growing within our borders as well. Keep an eye out for our new Hyatt Hotels opening in Canada post that will be coming soon!

Remember as well that you can earn Double World of Hyatt Points with each stay starting with your second
qualifying stay at over 1,000 participating Hyatt Hotels worldwide when register by March 31 for stays until May 15. Find out more here.

All images via Hyatt