Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Plaza Premium Lounges revamps loyalty program - download the new Smart Traveller App by March 31 to receive 200 points + a 1st visit bonus

Late last year Plaza Premium - the Asia based business class lounge provided with airport lounges in 21 countries including Canada - decided to revamp their Arrture loyalty program. See our coverage of the old program here. The big change with the program is the name, gone is Arrture as it has been replaced with Smart Traveller. Much better in my opinion!

The points earning has been modified and is as follows now:

 The old program had a simple 2,000 points gets you one lounge visit. Now they have a few more redemption options. Ranging from 1,500 points to upgrade your lounge visit in Hong Kong to Plaza Premium First Lounge to 4,000 points for a three hour visit to a Plaza Premium Resting Suite. The main reward that most people will look for is simply a free lounge visit - that now costs 2,500 points, so it has gone up 25% in the new program.

With the launch of the revamped program you can get 200 points for free just by downloading the Smart Traveller app and this includes those who were already members of the Arrture program. Plus you can earn 100 bonus points your first visit until March 31, 2020.

Make sure that you do put your birthday in the app as well as any lounge entries made during the month of your birthday will earn double the points.

What's amazing about this program is that it doesn't matter what you use to access a Plaza Premium lounge - you'll receive the points regardless of your entry method. This means you can access the lounge with Priority Pass, American Express' Canadian Platinum Lounge benefit, LoungeKey, an airline's business/first class ticket, or any other program that has Plaza Premium lounges participating. Or you can just pay for access. Simply put, when you enter the lounge and use whatever method to access it, simply show them your membership via the app and you'll get the points per the chart above.

Here in Canada Plaza Premium has over a dozen lounges in Edmonton (2), Toronto (6 + 1 Spa), Winnipeg (1) and Vancouver (4). Costs for Plaza Premium Lounges in Canada are US$40 for 2 hours, US$48 for 3 hours and US$64 for 6 hours. Children aged 2-11 enjoy a 30%  discount.

Learn more about the Smart Traveller program here.

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