Paymi Review – Get cash back for shopping at retailers with any of your regular credit cards

Paymi is a new-style rewards program similar in vain to Drop Rewards and Ampli that “focuses on putting cash back into consumers’ pockets”. When members make purchases with Paymi partners—whether in-store or online—they are automatically credited with cash back for their purchases.

It gives consumers the benefits of a credit card rewards program, without being locked into using any single credit or debit card, and without requiring either codes or coupons. It also co-exists with any other reward programs, which means that members can “triple-dip”: getting rewards from their credit card, from the retailer, and from Paymi.

Sign up features – $5 for joining

Because Paymi is a new kind of service, instead of a traditional credit card rewards program, there are no specific rewards for signing up. Paymi focuses on ensuring that signing up is quick and easy, allowing people to attach their credit and debit cards to their new Paymi account by using their bank’s traditional online banking portal. This ensures that people can begin getting rewards for their purchases with Paymi’s partners quickly and effortlessly.  When you join Paymi they will give you $5 for completing your registration. You can then also earn $5 for each person you refer to the program.


Paymi is completely free to join, and there are no membership dues. Paymi covers its own expenses through its partnerships.


Earning with Paymi literally couldn’t be simpler. Once a credit or debit card is connected with Paymi, all that members need to do is use it to make online or in-person purchases with Paymi’s growing number of partners. Paymi’s partners span from everyday retailers like Walmart to prestige brands like Dyson, Hudson’s Bay, and Indochino, with more joining regularly. Percentages vary between partners, topping out at 8%. Rewards usually take 1 to 2 business days, possibly up to 5-7 days in a few cases.


As members make purchases, the money that they’ve earned is displayed right on their paymi web or app dashboard. Once they’ve made some money, they can cash out simply by clicking a “Redeem Now” button next to the balance. The member will be able to send an Interac money transfer to themselves. There is a $1.50 Interac fee if the transfer is under $25, but the fee is waived for transfers greater than $25.

What’s good about the program

Paymi is a no-friction way of getting cash back for your purchases. It doesn’t interfere with card rewards, and it stacks on top of rewards from retailers. It doesn’t require an extra card or code. It doesn’t require any effort, except for the initial sign-up and registration. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it reward solution that can easily develop into an impressive pile of cash rewards. Remember you still earn all your standard credit card rewards and rewards from any loyalty program that the retailer may have or participate in.

What’s not so good about the program

Paymi is still limited to a comparatively small number of retailers. Big earnings through Paymi may involve making the conscious decision to choose to use their partners, and some partners limit rewards to online purchases. Members may end up choosing between retailer rewards and Paymi rewards.

Editors Update: Per the comment of our readers, they had issues with connecting their accounts to Paymi and were locked out of their credit card account. Just a heads up to everyone.

Who should get this

There’s almost no reason not to get this. The partner rewards will get you cash back on any transaction on any connected card. It’s practically “free money” if you were planning on using the partners anyway, and conscious use of Paymi partners, especially those with big reward percentages, could lead to spectacular rewards. “Cashing out” is straightforward, and it doesn’t limit you from taking advantage of card rewards or other consumer reward programs like Air Miles.


Paymi is a simple, effortless way to get rewards on your purchases, without having to compromise on your card choices. It’s a good add-on to anybody focused on getting rewards for card purchases.

Learn more about and sign up for Paymi here!


Rewards Canada receives an affiliate commission for each Paymi sign up however this post in its entirety has been written without input nor review from Paymi. All opinions expressed herein are those of Rewards Canada.

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