IHG Rewards Club – Up to a 75% bonus when you buy points until February 27 (think new PointBreaks list coming soon)

IHG Rewards Club is once again running a buy points bonus! Once
again it is a  tiered offer but this time it caps out at only 75%
instead of 100%. And just like the last promotion they have also
increased the number of points you can buy to 150,000 instead of
100,000. This sale runs until February 27, 2020. Unless you really need
the points – and you may as read further into this post – I would wait
until the next 100% bonus offer instead of taking advantage of this one.

The best price for buying points comes when you buy 20,000 or more
points in one transaction. For example, buying 150,000 points (262,500
total with bonus) costs US$1,500.  This means each point will cost you
0.57 cents compared to 0.50 cents when it is a 100% bonus. But here’s
where you may still want to buy at this price. The current set of IHG
Rewards Club PointBreaks
expire on January 31 and we should see the list sometime this week, in
fact I’m guessing we may even seen them tomorrow. PointBreaks is where
you only need 5,000 to 15,000 points to redeem for free nights at hotels
on the list.  So with 262,500 points that’s up to 52 nights at the 5,000 point level, 26 nights at 10,000 and 17 nights at the 15,000 point level.  Even at that highest PointBreaks
level it is like you are buying each night for only US$85.50 and this
can be for hotels that cost more than $300 per night. So the question
you will have to answer, is do I preemptively buy points to catch the
best PointBreaks offers right when they come out or do I wait until the
list is out, go buy points and come back to try to book the hotel of my
choice hoping it hasn’t disappeared off the list in the time I went to
buy the points.

Offer details:

Earn up to 75% Bonus IHG Rewards Club points when you buy points. Buy points here.

50% bonus when you but 7,000 to 19,000 points

75% bonus when you buy 20,000+ points

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