Thursday, December 12, 2019

OFFER EXPIRED - New welcome offer for the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card - Up to 80,000 welcome points + first year free

Playing catch up here on the latest card offers from TD that came out last week. We already let you know about the new offer on the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card (read that post here) As mentioned in that post we said we'd have posts for some of the other offers. We continue today with TD's flagship proprietary card the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card.

The new offer out on the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card is officially lower than the offer that wound down at the end of November. I say officially as the last offer was promoted as a 90,000 point offer, 10,000 of which was for getting a supplementary card.  Take that out of the equation and the sign up bonus is the same between this offer and the last at 80,000 points. This offer is better in the end as it is easier to achieve.  In the last iteration you got your initial 20,000 points on first purchase and then received double points on all spending up to 60,000 points. This time you get the same 20,000 points but now you get 5x the points on all spending up to 20,000 points per month in the first three months. This means you can actually achieve the full 80,000 point bonus with spending as little as $1,333.34 over three months. Compare this to $3334 with the previous offer. This lower spend amount shoots the card up our rankings to 6th place for What you actually have to spend to get some of the best credit card welcome bonus offers. That lower spend of $1,334,34 is based on making all that spending online with ExpediaForTD since you would earn 45 points per dollar instead of 9. Some of you may be able to do this however for some your spend may be slightly higher as maybe you  don't need to book anything with ExpediaForTD. In that case, all your spend will earn 15 points per dollar (normal 3 points per dollar times 5) which means you have to spend $1,333.33 per month for three months to get the full bonus.

Remember as well the card has a first year free limited time benefit attached to it so outside of the actual spend these points come you at no cost. 80,000 points translates to $310 worth of travel credits for any travel booking or $400 worth of travel for bookings made via Expedia For TD.

If you are wondering if this offer is right for you, you do have some time to consider it as it is open for new applications until March 2, 2020 Find out more and apply for the card here.

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