Aeroplan eStore Boxing Week event – Earn up to 7x miles for your online shopping until December 29

Aeroplan is once again offering some extra mileage offers for shopping online via the Aeroplan eStore. During their Boxing Week event you can earn up to 7x miles at 61 of their 170+ retailers. These bonuses run until December 29.

Some of the offers to look out for are 7x miles at Bed Bath & Beyond, lululemon and Sephora, 5x miles for Dyson, Gap and Indigo. There are even two 10x miles offers (Even though the event is promoted at up to 7x miles) from Apple Music and Tidal.

At the time of posting this there is still the chance you can maybe find a last minute gift via one of these retailers as long as they have an overnight shipping option – the most famous, is part of this promotion as you can earn 3x miles on their purchases.

You can learn more and access all the offers at

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