Introducing Wayfarer Points – Save up to 70% off luxury, boutique and other hotels – includes a special Rewards Canada discount for membership

Wayfarer Points has been working diligently behind the scenes across
their social media channels to slowly get their name out and today marks
the official launch of the new hotel booking site that has a fully
equipped app and all!

What is Wayfarer Points ?

Wayfarer Points
is a membership based hotel booking site offering savings of up to 70%
off rates normally charged on stays at over 1.5 million accommodations.
There are two membership levels, a free membership and an annual fee
based membership offering the biggest discounts:

  • Everyday membership – joining Wayfarer Points is FREE with our Everyday membership, which provides up to 50% off hotels
  • Premium Membership is US$99 annually/US$9.99 a month, and provides up to
    70% off hotels, and includes discounts on boutique hotels by Mr. &
    Mrs. Smith

The great news is that Rewards Canada has teamed up with Wayfarer Points to offer our readers a discounted annual Premium membership
of US$69.99 that includes a 14-day risk free trial! That means you can
try it out with no risk. Like it and you’ll only pay US$69.99 in the first
year instead of the standard $99. You can access our special offer here!

The question you may have before proceeding is it worth it? Are the
savings there? And the answer is yes they are. Here are some examples of
the savings provided by Wayfarer Points:

Wayfarer Points All Inclusive Pricing

One thing you have to note right of the bat with Wayfarer is they
display all inclusive pricing – that is the total nightly rate for the
hotel stay – not just the base rate as displayed by most hotel booking
sites. Take this into consideration when making your comparisons!

Our own comparison

We did one of our own comparisons of the Wayfarer Points app. We looked
at the Hotel US Grant in San Diego for a stay on November 13 in a 2
Queen Superior room and Wayfarer didn’t disappoint:

This is Wayfarer’s all in price:


and the best rate we could find was on

Almost a $60 savings with Wayfarer – that almost pays for our
discounted annual membership in one night! Book multiple nights and
you’ll be saving more!

There’s more than hotel savings

In addition to travel bookings, Wayfarer Points tracks loyalty points.
Different from similar services, Wayfarer Points shows users how they
rank in loyalty programs compared to other users. The Groups function
allows users to create their own groups and includes chat functionality
allowing group members to chat about anything and everything loyalty,
travel and discounts.

Overall this new company looks promising as they look to take a bite
out of the hotel booking market! The competition is big and they are not
first in the paid membership hotel discount space but if Wayfarer
points can come out ahead in pricing and have the added app benefits
then they will be a stand out. I’m excited to give it a try here in the
near future myself and would love to hear what you all think about them!

Just a reminder that you can save 30% with our membership offer for Wayfarer Points when you subscribe to the premium membership.

** At the time of posting Rewards Canada is the only Canadian points & miles website/blog to have this discount offer available! **