Amex Shop Small promotion returns for the holiday shopping season – earn $5 credits or 300 bonus Membership Rewards points

Amex’s awesome Shop Small offer is back for its fourth (or is it fifth?) incarnation!  Last seen
in July the offer has changed a bit for this iteration. This time, instead of having dedicated landing and registration pages for four cities in Canada, the offers are actually listed in the Amex Offers section on the Amex Canada app or online when you log in to your account. It is still limited to small business merchants in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver as well as having a cap on the number of cardmembers who can register for the offer.

There are also multiple offers depending on the cardholder. It looks like you can receive the $5 You can earn the statement credit
for purchases from  up to 5 different retailers for a total of $25.

Here are the two offers I have seen so far:

This is the offer I received on the Platinum Card

This offer awards 300 bonus Membership Rewards points on each $10 purchase at a participating Shop Small merchant up to 5 times. That means you can earn 1,500 bonus Membership Rewards points in total with this offer. From the terms and conditions this offer is open to the first 7,000 members who register

This is the offer I received on the Gold Rewards Card

This offers looks like the offer we had become accustomed to during each run of this promotion in the past. Receive a $5 statement credit on each $10 or more purchase at any of the participating Shop Small merchants. Same as above this is limited to 5 purchases so you can end up to $25 in statement credits when spending as little as $50. This offer is only open to the first 11,000 members who register.

If you aren’t familiar with American Express’ Shop Small program we have a feature to help you out:  A step by step guide to the American Express Shop Small Program

Ideally, those looking to maximize the offer will only spend $10 at each
location to come out with what is essentially a 50% discount (if you have the $5 offer) or a minimum savings of $3 if you have the points offer. The points can be worth more than $3 depending on what you redeem them on however.

For this fourth
incarnation, we received the $5 offers on the Gold Rewards Card and Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card and the 300 points offer on the  Platinum Card from American Express and Cobalt Card.

This offer runs until December 22 and to find out what merchants are participating you just have to go to the American Express Shop Small website and look for the Shop Small icon beside the merchant:

You can also choose to filter for only the merchants that are participating in the offer by checking off the Shop Small Offer box:

And some quick examples from all four cities:

Just a reminder that there aren’t dedicated landing pages for the offers this time. You have to access them via Amex Offers on the app or Amex Canada website.

Happy shopping!



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