Aeroplan eStore confirmed bonuses for Black Friday Cyber Monday – 5x for Amazon, 7x for Apple, 10x for Indigo

Continuing on our ‘as we mentioned in our giveaway‘ post last week, the Aeroplan eStore Black Friday Cyber Monday deals are now available. These bonuses run until December 3 and we now know that the two most popular retailers, and Apple, are 5x and 7x miles respectively. Unfortunately not the 10x miles some were hoping for but if you need and want to make your purchases now you should so that you can earn those bonuses.

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Now, if 2018 is any indicator of what this year may be, you may want to hold off on Amazon purchases as last year in the middle of December the Aeroplan eStore did offer 10x miles (see our post from last year here) but there is no guarantee that it will happen this year. We can only hope it will!

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Some other popular retailers you can earn bonus miles with include Indigo (10x miles + earn Plum points), Sephora (7x + Beauty Insider points) and Dyson (10x miles)

Just a sample of the offers!

Remember as well, for purchase at Amazon to use an American Express card as they are offering bonus points for purchases from November 29 to December 2. Learn more about that here!