Aeroplan Elite Status to be wound down in 2020

Word is out now that Aeroplan’s Elite Status program will be winding down in 2020 and as of January 2020 you’ll no longer be able to qualify for Aeroplan status. That gives you one and half months to rack up as many qualifying miles as possible if you had intentions of hitting anyone of the Aeroplan status levels of Silver, Black or Diamond.

If you have already, or will qualify for one of the status levels by December 31 you will continue to enjoy the benefits of those levels until mid-2020 when the newly revamped Air Canada program launches. At that time several of the benefits will no longer be available, specifically:

  • Market Fare Flight Reward Discounts
  • Preferential Rates on Flight Reward Fees

Here are all the benefits associated with the Aeroplan Status program:

This change should have been anticipated with Aeroplan being brought back in house to Air Canada. In reality why would you want to run two separate elite status programs? Air Canada has Altitude, the main elite status program for the airline and Mark Nasr has already alluded to potentially offering some sort of elite status benefits with their credit cards in the future so the best guess is that will be the road to elite status for the frequent spender who is a non-frequent flyer.

Sources: Aeroplan / Reddit