The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card & Loyalty Programs for the All Inclusive Vacationer

Here’s an excerpt of this new guide we released on Rewards Canada today:

As Canadians we know what it’s like to live with long, drawn out
winters. We dread the short daylight hours and the biting wind. So how
do we as a nation battle the season we look forward to before Christmas
but are sick of by the first week of January? We travel. We travel to
warmer sun drenched locales and for many of us that means an all
inclusive vacation. Canadian winters and all inclusive vacations go hand
in hand. However, when it comes to travel loyalty programs and credit
cards, all inclusive vacations are neglected. Have you ever seen a
credit card ad detailing an all inclusive vacation? No, it’s
almost always flights and to a lesser extend hotel stays. That’s because
we’ve been trained to think that credit card and travel reward
programs are just for flights. And we’re trained that way because that’s
what most programs used to be. Think about it, you ask any Canadian on
the street to name a travel reward program and you’re almost guaranteed
you’ll only hear Aeroplan or AIR MILES. Not much else. And while those
two are coalition programs offering a slew of rewards, they are
synonymous with flights and merchandise. And while those are rewards
many people do strive for, you can ‘t just redeem for a flight on an
all-inclusive vacation, so many Canadians tend to just save up and buy
the vacation while continuing to try to earn enough points or miles just
for other flights. So we’re here to dispel the notion that travel
loyalty programs are for flights primarily and show you how to make the
most of them to help you save on all inclusives or even to get them for

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