Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Great availability for Air France KLM Flying Blue Special Edition Promo Rewards - fly Toronto to Europe for 22,000 miles in Economy, 64,000 for business class

As we detailed yesterday in our 'Advance Notice' post, Air France KLM are running a 'Special Edition' Promo Rewards and these are now bookable.  We have found lots of availability from Toronto to many cities in Europe at the highly discounted rewards rates that are being offered.

You can book award tickets between Toronto and Europe for the following mileage amounts:
  • Economy - 11,000 miles one way (22,000 round trip)
  • Premium Economy - 25,000 miles one way (50,000 round trip)
  • Business - 32,000 miles one way (64,000 round trip)
These flights have to be booked by October 20 for travel between November and March. As we mentioned in our previous post those redemption rates above are amazing! Only 64,000 miles round trip in business class! Yes, you'll have to pay about 400-500EUR in taxes and fees but it is business class worth much more than that. Most times with Promo Rewards you have to redeem in the high 70,000 to 90,000 mile range and with no Promo Rewards you are way above 100,000 miles for these same flights.

Now if you don't have enough Flying Blue miles (or none at all) there is currently a way to gets these flights for cheap. Chances are if you convert points from Marriott Bonvoy as we normally recommend for Flying Blue reward tickets, those points won't show up in your account by the 20th so it would be a waste. The way to get these points right now is to buy them. Flying Blue is currently running a promotion where you can buy Flying Blue miles with a 75% bonus as long as you buy 4,000 miles or more. When you buy miles they post almost immediately into your account so you can have them for this promotion.

Here is the availability of Business Class (1 seat) between Toronto and Paris (as of 11:00PM MT Oct 15)

As you can see there a lot of flights open at the 32,000 mile one way mileage rate for business class! Return availability is almost as good, for example here is December, and don't be fooled by the two only Promo Reward dates, you'll notice most dates are 32,000 miles but are about 4 EUR more for taxes.

We didn't pick all the months on the return so as to keep this post from being too long!

Here is an example of a round trip booking:

It's the 64,000 miles as published and 487.01 EUR in taxes and fees.

Here are some other city options we looked at:

As we mentioned in our 'Advance Notice' post of this special mileage deal, it can make sense to buy the miles for flying in business class. For example, the above flight between Toronto and Paris costs C$3855:

However you can buy 66,500 miles with the current 75% bonus offer on buying Flying Blue Miles for about C$1520:

Add in the taxes and fees and you are looking at just over $2,200 to buy the miles and pay the fees on the ticket, thereby saving you $1,600!

Here is an Economy Class example which could also make sense to buy miles for:

You need to buy at the 14,000 miles option that with the bonus will give you 24,500 miles

The cost for those miles would be 385EUR or about C$560. Add in taxes and fees of 192.65 EUR or about C$280 for a total of $840. A savings of over $400 over the price to buy the ticket.

And if you are on the West Coast, Seattle is part of this offer so you could drive down from Vancouver or wherever to get in on this deal as well:

Click here to book the Special Edition Promo Rewards and Click here to take advantage of the Flying Blue Miles 75% bonus offer!

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