Wednesday, September 4, 2019

OFFER EXPIRED Best ever offer for TD First Class Visa Infinite Card - Up to 90,000 welcome points + first year free

TD's proprietary reward card and Aeroplan card portfolios were refreshed with new offers today. Many of the offers are the best that have ever been seen from TD and that includes this new offer for the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card. The welcome offer now has a maximum bonus of 90,000 points which is 10,000 more than the highest ever offer before! What makes this deal even better is that it still has first year free limited time benefit attached to it! These 90,000 points translate to $360 worth of travel credits for any travel booking or $450 worth of travel for bookings made via Expedia For TD.

Now before you jump on the offer you should be aware that the requirements to reach 90,000 points are a bit tougher than the 80,000 point offer earlier in the year. When you receive the card you will be awarded with 20,000 TD Rewards Points on the first purchase made. Then you will receive double points on eligible purchases in the first three months, up to 60,000 points, for a total of 80,000 points  This is all with the first year annual fee of $120 waived on the primary card. You can also earn an additional 10,000 points when you add an authorized user to your account (an additional card, formerly known as supplementary card). The latter however is still subject to the $50 annual fee. Of course if you have a TD All Inclusive Banking plan you don't ever pay fees on the primary or first additional card. Even if you don't get the additional card (you're single or don't want to pay the $50) the 80,000 points you can earn at no cost other than your credit card spend is no less than any other bonus we have seen on the card before.

Now, what you need to consider is how you go about getting the most miles possible because to earn 80,000 points you need to max out your spend on the card in the first three months to take advantage of the double TD Rewards points. If we take the 60,000 point maximum earn for double points it will take $3,333.34 to $10,000 in card spend to get all the points possible. That means you need to budget just over $1,100 to $3,334 in spending per month.  The range in spend is due to the earn rates on the card, the card earns 9 points per eligible dollar spent on ExpediaForTD online purchases which translates to 18 points per dollar during the double point earning period. That drops to 6 points for phone in purchases with ExpediaForTD (12 points during the 3 month period) and all other purchases earn 3 points per dollar which doubles to 6 per dollar during those first three months. If you have been planning some home renos, booking a vacation, buying a car, etc. this would be the time to do it and put that spend on this card to get you the most points.

If you are wondering if this offer is right for you, you do have some time to consider it as it is open for new applications until December 1st. Find out more and apply for the card here.

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