FREE $25 Best Western Travel Card for CAA South Central Ontario Members – No stay required!

You don’t come across too many deals like this one these days! For the next week CAA members who reside in South Central Ontario can receive a free $25 Best Western Travel card. Simply join Best Western Rewards CAA Preferred Program (join the BW CAA Program here for free) and register for this offer by August 27 you’ll get that $25 Best Western Travel card. The card can then be used towards a Best Western stay between August 27 and November 30. If you are already enrolled in the Best Western Rewards CAA Preferred Program simply register for the offer by August 27 to receive your travel card.

If you are a Best Western Rewards member but aren’t 100% sure if you joined the CAA Preferred Program version you can call 1-800-237-8483 to check your account. If it turns out that you aren’t a CAA Preferred Program member and have already completed BW stays you technically can’t join this version of the program although it doesn’t hurt to ask customer service at the number listed before to see if they can let it slide and enroll you in the program. If all else fails….. (don’t tell them I told you to do this) you could always make a new Best Western Rewards CAA Preferred Program membership and then register for the card. The travel card isn’t tied into your account, so if just happens your ‘old’ Best Western Rewards account is where you collect points, have elite status etc. you can use the travel card for reservations associated with that account.

Some of you may ask – what encompasses CAA South Central Ontario? Here is the map of their locations so this should give you a rough idea of who is eligible. On the other hand if you have a CAASCO membership card in your wallet it’s pretty much a given your eligible….

Image courtesy of CAA South Central Ontario

Once again – this is a completely free Best Western Travel card that you are getting as long as you meet the criteria. Just remember you need to register for it by August 27 and you’ll get it sent to you by email in about two weeks.

Click here to register for this offer and to get the complete details!