American Express Shop Small Promotion is back again – Earn a $5 credit for spending $5 at participating merchants

Amex’s awesome Shop Small offer is now in its third iteration! Last seen in spring, the same four Canadian cities are in the mix again and the offer provides a $5 statement credit when you spend $5 or more at participating Shop Small retailers. You can earn the statement credit for purchases from  up to 5 different retailers for a total of $25. Ideally, those looking to maximize the offer will only spend $5 at each location to come out ahead by essentially getting whatever they buy for free thanks to the statement credits. This time, for this third incarnation, I received the offer for my Gold Rewards Card but in the past I did receive it for my Platinum Card from American Express and Cobalt Card.
If you didn’t receive the email to register you can do so via the four
links below (one for each city) with any American Express card.

As I only received it for my Gold Rewards Card I am going to use the above link for Calgary to register my other American Express cards. This offer runs until August 31 and to find out what merchants are participating you just have to go to the American Express Shop Small website and look for the $5 icon beside the merchant:

Or you can choose to filter for only the merchants that are participating in the offer:

And some quick examples from all four cities:


Want to learn more American Express’ Shop Small program and how to use the maps to your advantage? Read our Step by step guide to the American Express Shop Small Program


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