While the BMO World Elite Mastercard provides up to $540 in tangible value, it provides intangible value as well


In our past series of posts for the BMO World Elite Mastercard we focused on the a dollar value that the card can provide to you when you apply and are approved for it. To recap, that dollar value is up to $540 in the first year of having the card, broken down as such

Welcome offer: Get 35,000 points and the $150 annual fee waived in the first year ($250 value* towards a flight booked on bmorewards.com + $150 Value*).

Complimentary membership in Mastercard Airport Experiences provided by
LoungeKey, with exclusive VIP access, plus four annual complimentary
passes* ($140 Value/Year).

Let’s add it up. $250+$150+$140 = $540

This is still a pretty rich offering for this card that is quite popular with many Canadians and seeing that it is first year free it is definitely enticing to try it out. But the value in the card does not end there. There are benefits beyond that $540 which include the strong insurance package that comes with the card and the actual use of the Mastercard Airport Experiences by LoungeKey. This benefit is one of the easiest to use from the card that provides both tangible and intangible value (you may never need the insurance but it is reassuring knowing you have it)

The Mastercard Airport Experiences provided by LoungeKey comes on many World Elite Mastercards in Canada however many stop at only providing the annual membership. Where the BMO World Elite Mastercard differs is that it also includes four annual complimentary passes. This means your first four visits for yourself or maybe one visit with your family of four, will cost you nothing.  Other cards, you’ll have to pay the lounge access fee of $35 per person. That means those passes alone provide you with $140 in tangible value but even more value can be placed from the intangible benefit this provides.  There is nothing like the hustle and bustle of airports – crowded gates, long lines for food, lack of seating that add to anxiety and stress for so many people who travel. Airport Business Class lounges, while getting busier each day still offer a huge respite from the zoo that airports can become. Take it from my family and I, we try to use lounges whenever and where ever we are flying. Then add in complimentary food, which depending on the lounge you visit can be from so-so to excellent and you can see where I’m going with this. Then, on top of that, free drinks, including alcohol at many lounges, coffee, tea, nap rooms, loungers and you start to see that intangible value far exceeds the $140 you get from the four free lounge visits. After you have used up the free visits you will probably find it worthwhile to pay for additional lounge visits, just for all of the benefits what we list above.

The Aspire lounges in Calgary’s airport are just some of the lounges you can access

You can learn all about accessing business class lounges here and take away that essentially whatever Priority Pass offers is what the Mastercard Airport Experiences provided by LoungeKey provides. There are over 1,000 lounges that participate in the program in over 400 airports and not only does it provide lounge access but you’ll also find that the Mastercard Airport Experiences also provides discounts at many airport retail and food establishments around the globe.

You can get complimentary massages with the Mastercard Airport Experiences

 As you can see, when it comes to choosing a credit card you sometimes have to look beyond the welcome bonus and the earning and redeeming options. Rather you want to look at a combination of that and what other value and benefits a card can provide to you. A well rounded card will provide you with a healthy balance of it all and the BMO World Elite Mastercard is one of those that provides you with a little bit of everything you would want in a well-balanced credit card.

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