Podcast Episode 53 is here! Interview with Suzanne Tyson founder of HigherEdPoints on how you can use loyalty points to pay for tuition and student loans

Episode 53 – April 4, 2019

Interview with Suzanne Tyson, founder of HigherEdPoints

This week we catch up with Suzanne Tyson, the founder of HigherEdPoints.Launched
5 years ago HigherEdPoints allows students and their families for using
miles and points for tuition. You can convert Aeroplan Miles, TD
Rewards Points or CIBC Aventura Points to help pay tuition and/or
student loans! Jeff and Suzanne delve into the details on how
HigherEdPoints works, some examples of how Canadians have used the
service and how they have become the largest source of private sector
education funding in the country!

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