AIR MILES Mega Miles Event: Earn up to 1,000 Bonus Reward Miles for shopping at multiple sponsors

The annual AIR MILES Mega Miles
event kicked off today and presents a really nice bonus mile earning
opportunity. If you meet the requirement of using Mega Miles coupons at 3 or 5
or more sponsors you’ll be awarded with 300 to 1,000 Reward Miles over and
above the base miles and coupon bonus miles awarded. This promotion runs until April 25. This year the bonus miles offers are lower than before with 2015 through 2018 all maxing out at 1,250 miles compared to this year’s 1,000 miles. We also noticed a lot of the individual offer coupons are lower this year.

As was introduced in 2018,  AIR MILES now gives you two levels of bonuses, you can make it to only 3
sponsors and get a lower bonus of 300 miles (it was 650 last year) or still go for 5 or more to get 1,000 bonus miles.

The offers from the participating sponsors do have varying validity dates so be sure you check those to make sure you can earn them. For example, the Sobeys Liquor offer for Alberta is only valid April 4 to 10.

Here is the cheapest way we found to earn the bonus simply by looking at all the
details on the coupons (Alberta region) would be as follows:

  • Spend $50 at IGA, Safeway or Sobeys (5x Bonus Miles coupon)
  • Spend $10 at Shell for in-store items (5 Bonus Miles coupon)
  • Spend $40 on almost anything at Rexall (20 Bonus Miles coupon – this coupon was 40 miles last year)
  • Join Rewarding your Opinions and complete your first survey (15 Bonus Miles Coupon)
  • Spend $20 at Food Saver, Oster or Crockpot online (10x Miles Coupon)

That’s $120 in spending to earn the 1,000 Bonus Mega Miles Miles (or
as little $30 for 3 sponsors to get 300 bonus miles) but then you have to add in
your base amount miles plus the coupon
bonuses for an additional miles. We value AIR MILES Rewards
Miles at an
average of 13 cents each, so you are getting back $130 on your $120
in spending, that is a great return!  For some of you it may
take more or less spending but  if this is shopping you
are already planning on doing then jump on the Mega Miles event right
away so that you can earn this bonus.

Find out more and print all your coupons here!