There is a rewards card out there for everyone – including the Walmart Rewards Mastercard

On Rewards Canada we do our best to cover the 150+ rewards-based credit cards that are available to Canadians. That being said, there’s one we haven’t written about yet – the Walmart Rewards Mastercard. It may have flown under the radar, but is there any value to it?  The simple answer is yes. There is a card for everyone, including the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard®

This card is for the person who shops often at Walmart and wants to be rewarded at Walmart. This is for people who are looking to stretch their hard-earned dollars as far as they can on daily purchases like groceries and household goods – a great option for many families. Not only does Walmart offer great prices on many items, but you have the ability to redeem right at the checkout till with your Walmart Reward Dollars®. It’s all about saving money.

There are cash back credit cards that will potentially let you earn more on purchases at Walmart but those other cash back cards make you wait to redeem. With Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® you don’t have to wait to receive rewards. Walmart Reward Dollars allows you to redeem both in store and online at Walmart as soon as you’ve earned $5. As we always say in the loyalty industry, a mile earned today is not worth as much as it is tomorrow. The same holds true for cash back. In theory $1 earned is the same today as it is in a year but if you factor in inflation, savings account interest rates or other potential financial products, that $1 earned on your cash back card is worth more right now than having to wait until later. With a welcome bonus of $25 Walmart Reward Dollars you can redeem right away with this card for that instant cash savings.

A 1.25% return on Walmart shopping is strong compared to other no fee cash back cards but you get that instant redemption option at the register. The closest you may get to this with other cards is being able to pay off your account with a pay with points feature and those will not give you a 1.25% return on Walmart purchases. All other purchases on this card earn 1% back which is comparable to the majority of no annual fee cash back cards on the market.

Overall it is all about that instant savings with this card – and the fact that you’re saving on top of Walmart’s low prices. By
being able to use your Walmart Rewards right at Walmart you are keeping
that cash in your pocket now instead of waiting for it until the end of
the year. This is a Walmart shopper’s card through and through. If you
don’t want travel rewards and want quick and easy access to your
cashback at the till, then this card is for you.

Find out more and apply for the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® here.

This feature was sponsored by The Walmart Rewards Mastercard. The write up,
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