WestJet’s first 787 revenue flight is slated for Toronto to Calgary on February 20

For all our Avgeek and WestJet fans here is the news you have been waiting for. WestJet has filed the information for their first revenue Boeing 787 flight. As was much expected it will be between Toronto and Calgary as the plane will be based in Toronto to start with since the new 787 hanger in Calgary won’t be ready yet.

The first 787 flight is now scheduled to fly flight 655 on February 20 from Toronto to Calgary. Departing at 9am, the flight is already bookable and WestJet seems to know this will be a popular flight as the fares are running from $853 in Economy class to $1474 in Business Class!

Compare this the non 787 flights that day:

and the plane isn’t even close to full yet as you can see by this screenshot of part of the economy class:

and Business Class is pretty much wide open:

If you are planning on being on this flight I would arrive early as there will more than likely be some festivities before hand to celebrate this first revenue flight and more than likely there will be something you can take home as well to commemorate the event!

The return flight from Calgary to Toronto is WestJet 670 that will depart YYC at 13:30 and it’s pricing out slightly better than the outbound flight:

The plane will operate flights 655/670 until April 27 and will also operate 669/662 as of April 8 (Source Routesonline)

Are you thinking of jumping on this first flight or any of the early 787 flights between YYZ and YYC? If so let us know in the comments below!

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