Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Earning Stories: Over 8,600 Aeroplan Miles earned for Black Friday purchases

As you may have seen over the past few weeks we have been discussing holiday shopping a lot here on Rewards Canada and with several media outlets. I wanted to share just a glimpse in our holiday shopping that was done during the whole pre-Black Friday and Black Friday time period. The purchases were for some Christmas gifts from Amazon as well as a much needed new cordless vacuum from Dyson who dropped the price of the one we had our eye on for their pre-Black Friday sale. All these purchases were made via the Aeroplan eStore and overall they didn't take very long to post to our account:

As you can see with these several purchases we earned a total of 6,884 Aeroplan Miles. This is over and above the points earned on the credit card that was used for the purchases, which was The Platinum Card from American Express which earns 1.25 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent (the equivalent of 1.25 Aeroplan miles) The total from the card and the eStore bring the amount earned to over 8,600 Aeroplan miles. More than enough miles for a one way short haul redemption.

This is a great example of taking advantage of the bonuses that the eStore was running at the time and show how quickly you can really accumulate miles during the promotional periods. Even when there aren't bonuses all your online shopping go through these online portals so that you are earning the miles for the purchase, points for the end merchants loyalty program if they have one (ie Chapters Indigo etc.) and of course your credit card miles and points.

Black Friday has passed us but at the time of publishing this post Aeroplan is running the 12 days of gifting with different bonuses each day for online shopping until Dec 14 and three U.S. airlines are running 500 bonus miles offers until Dec 16. You can find all these offers, more bonuses and tips for holiday shopping in our Top 6 tips for maximizing miles & points earning on your holiday shopping!

I know some of you earned even more miles as I'm sure lots of expensive electronics and other higher priced items were purchased during this period! We'd love for you to share your earning stories with us and you can do so in the comments below!

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