Hilton Honors: Up to a 100% Bonus when you buy 10,000 or more points until December 18

Hilton Honors has released their latest buy points promotion for their
members. It appears there are two levels of bonus being sent out to
members which means you should be targeted for one or the other. We on
the unfortunate hand got the lower of the two at 80% while others are
getting a 100$ bonus offer.  Still both can be valuable seeing that it
is not hard to pull off a value 0.8 cents per point for redeeming for an

Depending on which bonus you get here is what you will be paying per Honors point:

80% bonus = US$ 0.56 cents per point

100% bonus = US$ 0.50 cents per point

Remember reward nights start out at only
5,000 points so you could essentially get 4 nights at the lowest level
by only buying 10,000 points (+10,000 bonus) for only US$100.

Offer details: 

Up to a 100% Bonus when you buy 10,000 or more Hilton Honors points online. Buy points here Until Dec 18, 18

Here is an example of where buying points can be worth it:

As you can see the Hilton Vancouver Airport is asking 40,000 points or C$445 for a night. When you buy 40,000 points with the 100% bonus it will cost you US$200 or about C$265. That would provide a $180 savings for stays at this hotel on that particular day if you needed to stay there.

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