Tuesday, October 23, 2018

World of Hyatt: 40% bonus when you buy points until Nov 27, 18

This offer of a 40% bonus on buying World of Hyatt points works out to 1.714 cents per point (US$). Depending on how you redeem them it could be worthwhile to purchase them for rewards at high end hotels like Park Hyatt's around the globe or even buying less if you just need a few thousand points to top off for an award. It is interesting to note that the minimum purchase amount to buy points varies by member. We received the 5,000 points minimum but others are getting 10,000.

Offer details
40% Bonus World of Hyatt Points when you buy points. Note there is a minimum point purchase requirement that varies by member.  Buy World of Hyatt Points here. Until Nov 27, 18

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