Get elite status with ten hotel reward programs, one airline and one cruise program with The Platinum Card from American Express



is one of those non-point or miles hacks to consider if you travel at
least a few times per year. If you travel lots chances are you hold
elite status with at least one or a couple of hotel chain frequent guest
programs so this may not apply to you. But what if you only travel
semi-frequently and can’t hit those 25, 50 or more nights required from
various programs. Or maybe you just got hired on with a company and will
travel lots in 2019 but won’t get hotel status until later in the year
or in 2020? Or maybe your company books the lowest rates for each of
your trips and has you with a different brand every time so that you
can’t hit those stay or point level requirements in each program for
status? Then what do you do? You get yourself The Platinum Card from American Express.

January 31, 2019 Update: Taj Hotels Inner Circle Gold Status added!

card has some of the most exceptional benefits of any card in Canada
but also comes with a somewhat hefty annual fee of $699. That being said
you can easily make use of the $699 with the annual $200 travel credit
(use it for one of those hotel stays or for flights etc.), the airport
lounge access (see our Guide to Business Class lounge access here)
and tying in with this post, it gives you elite status with three hotel
frequent guest programs that can then be extended to other programs
that match status. In the end you should hold some sort of elite level
status with a minimum of six hotel chains covering over 15,000 hotels

The Platinum Card from American Express comes with the following Elite Status benefits:

Here are just some of the benefits you get with each of the above programs:

Marriott Rewards Gold Status

Hilton HHonors Gold Status

Radisson Rewards Gold Status

Shangri-La Hotels Golden Circle Jade membership

Singapore Airlines Silver Elite Status

has a partnership with Singapore Airlines that is called Infinite Journeys and
provides Shangri-La
Jade members with automatic Silver status in KrisFlyer program. There is also a fast track where you only have to take three Singapore Airlines flights within four months of registering to get KrisFlyer Gold status.  Find out more about Infinite Journeys here

Taj Hotels Inner Circle Gold Status

Shangri-La has a partnership with Taj Hotels that offers reciprocal benefits in each other’s programs. The partnership is called Warmer Welcomes and provides Shangri-La
Jade members with automatic Gold status in Taj Hotels Inner Circle Program. There are some other benefits
included in this partnership. Find out more about Warmer Welcomes here (Thanks for HFP for the details on this one!)

This screenshot shows 2 upgrade vouchers, but TAJ’s website states Gold members get 20 upgrade vouchers –

perhaps that is only for those who earn Gold the hard way

When you receive your Platinum card,
register for all the above elite hotel offers. Once you have confirmed
you have elite status then you’re set to extend those statuses to other
programs that guarantee status matches:

1. Best Western Rewards Status Match

Western has had one of the longer running status match offers and it is
very easy to get.  Simply put the Elite Level Status
Match Best Western
Rewards will match your other Hotel Reward program status
with no catch. The level you get depends on what Best Western thinks
the equivalent level is in their program. My Hyatt Platinum status gave
me Best Western Diamond status. I would use the Marriott Gold as the
program to match since that one technically needs 50 nights to achieve
versus SPG’s 25 nights so Best Western may see you as more frequent
guest deserving a higher status. Full details

Some benefits of the three levels you would be matched to:

2 Choice Hotels Privileges Status Match

offer that has been around for a couple years but was only opened up to
Canadian residents in 2018 is the Choice Hotels Privileges Status
Match. After you submit your details including proof of your other
status you’ll receive an answer in 7-9 days as to what level they will
match you to. Full details

 Some of the benefits of the Choice Hotels elite levels:

3. Sonesta Hotels Travel Pass Status Match

small chain with hotels in the U.S., South America, Caribbean and Egypt
will Elite Status Match to preferred and elite status levels in other
hotel programs. Full details

 Some Sonesta Travel Pass benefits:

4. Preferred Hotel Group iPrefer

well publicized, the Preferred Hotel Group iPrefer program also offers
status matches – they only state this in their FAQ. Seeing they only
have two levels, you should be matched to Elite status as you see below. Full details


5. MSC Cruises Voyager Club

the comment from Andrew P. in our post from 2016,  MSC Cruise will status match in their
Voyager Club to hotel programs as long as you register 14 days prior to
your cruise date.  Full details


Another hotel chain offering a status match!

6.  Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham Rewards now offers an Elite Status Match. Match from your best status above to get WR status for stays at Ramada’s Days Inn’s etc. Full details

can then also try other hotel programs like Voila Hotel Rewards or the
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels My Millennium program who seem to
be good at matching programs (sourced from

Its not only you who can get status!

what makes the card even better, is that if you add a supplementary
Platinum Card ($175) that additional card holder is offered all the same
benefits. So your spouse or significant other or even maybe your adult
children who still live at home can all get the same elite status offers
that are listed above! We’ve done this in the Rewards Canada household
and it makes for great travel for your loved ones when they don’t travel
with you as they don’t have to rely on you for those special status
benefits! And for only $175 its a great deal! Not to mention the
supplementary cardholder also gets the lounge access and other
associated benefits with the card.

Here are the details of the card: