Air Transat becomes the next Aeroplan preferred airline partner

Aeroplan is on a tear right and are showing Air Canada they don’t need the airline or the Star Alliance to succeed. Last week they rejected the bid for Air Canada et al to buy Aeroplan and added Porter Airlines as a preferred airline partner. Now today it has been announced that Air Transat will become a preferred partner as well.

As of July 2020 Aeroplan members will be able to earn and redeem Aeroplan miles on Air Transat flights and vacation packages.

“We are thrilled about this agreement in principle and look forward to Air Transat, recently recognized by Skytrax as the World`s Best Leisure Airline, partnering with Aeroplan for its members’ leisure travel needs to some 60 destinations in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East,” said Joseph Adamo, Chief Distribution Officer, Transat”

Key word here is Leisure Airline, Air Transat as most if not all of our readers show know is a charter/leisure airline for vacationing Canadian traveller with flights primarily to Europe and Sun destinations. However they do also offer flights between some major Canadian cities typically on their 737 aircraft.

Areas served by Air Transat


This is not an airline for the business traveller or frequent flyer but that’s where Porter and hopefully a partnership with the oneworld alliance come in.

“Aeroplan continues to expand and enhance its member offering to provide Canadians with the best travel loyalty program experience come July 2020 including the flexibility to fly any airline, anywhere at any time. Preferred agreements, like the one announced today, coupled with bulk and block purchasing and stand-alone charters, unlock meaningful discounts supporting the delivery of great value to members on flight redemptions”

You could consider Air Transat as Aeroplan’s replacement to Air Canada Rouge as these two airlines compete for the leisure traveller and currently many Canadians are redeeming miles on Rouge flights. So this announcement will fill the gap for this market, which makes up a large portion of Aeroplan’s membership base. Hopefully they will have better availability on Air Transat’s flights as we have always heard the gripes of trying to redeem for flights to places like Florida during busy times of the year!

There you have it, the next chapter in this ongoing saga has been revealed and we’ll add it to our summary that we always remind our readers of where you can keep
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