IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Preview – Live on Monday with 170+ hotels

IHG is giving us a sneak peak at some of the hotels that will be on the
newest PointBreaks list that will go live on Monday April 30th at
12:00pm ET. This will be the second PointBreaks list that runs under the
new multi point level format of hotels at 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000
point levels. Once live you can book the hotels on IHG Rewards Club’s official PointBreaks page. Remember the PointBreaks rules are that a member can only book up to 2
reward reservations per hotel participating in the individual offer (ie 2
at PointBreaks hotels and 2 at Last Minute Reward Night hotels).  My
tip to get around this would be to book 2
reservations with one IHG Rewards Club account and then have your
spouse book 2 more etc. Of course this is dependent on both accounts
having enough points to redeem for these awards.  Also be sure to book
these ASAP as soon as the list comes out as once the allotted nights are
booked at certain locations
those hotels will fall off the list. 

If you don’t have enough points, even 0, you can buy points right now
with a 80% bonus if you buy 30,000 or more points which works out to
cents per point. That means you can get each of the PointBreaks hotels
for as little as US$28 per night if you buy at least 30,000 points. You can buy points with the bonus here until May 31, 18.

Here is the preview provided by IHG:

5,000 Points

10,000 Points

15,000 points

We see know the redemption rate at one of the InterContinental Hotels on
the list, the IC Muscat. This hotel normally starts at 35,000 points
for standard room so the 15,000 point rate is more than 50% off.
Something to look at if you are heading to Oman between April 30 and
July 31!

We also know of the following hotels that will also be on the list from a preview yesterday: