We want to hear your WestJet More Canada More Rewards stories – did you earn 10 bonus dollars? 1,000? Let us know

For the better part of 2017 you could have been or were earning bonus WestJet dollars on flights across Canada with the More Canada More Rewards promotion. This was a promotion where the more provinces you visited the more bonus WestJet dollars you would receive.

We were particularly excited about as we developed this bonus offer concept and pitched
it to WestJet Rewards as a great promotion to celebrate Canada’s
150th Birthday. WestJet worked the concept to fit perfectly with their
needs and budget. They even made it more rewarding than we
originally proposed as WestJet added in a  reward for your flight back to your home province on your first round trip!

Read all about the promotion here

Well the promotion wrapped up on December 31 and we have heard through the grapevine that several WestJet Rewards members did end up earning 1,000 bonus WestJet dollars! That is an amazing feat! Personally I only made it to two provinces outside of Alberta on WestJet and if you include the return bonus I earned 40 bonus WestJet dollars.

We know there are many of you who fly across our country on a daily basis and we’d love to hear where you ended up in the More Canada More Rewards promotion. Did you earn 60 bonus WestJet dollars, maybe 115 or even more? Doesn’t matter, let us know in the comments section below and if you happen to be one those few who did earn the 1,000 bonus WestJet dollars please pipe up! Let us know what your bonus total ended up being, which provinces you visited and what you liked about this promotion!