IHG Rewards Club Accelerate returns for Winter 2018 – Earn lots of bonus points for your IHG stays!

The Fall Accelerate
bonus isn’t over yet as it goes until the end of December but if you
don’t have any IHG stays planned until the New Year don’t fret as the latest Accelerate offer for the start of 2018 has been released! As we have seen
each Accelerate promotion they come out with new personalized offers for each
member. The total bonus available per member ranges from a minimum of
30,000 points to well past 100,000. You can register for Accelerate here.

My offer dropped from the 45,000 possible points this fall to 41,000 points for the Winter:

Once again based on what I believe our travels will be during the
promotional period I am not going to go out of my way to achieve the
whole amount. Even staying 5 nights in total
for 5,000 points would be tough. In all likelihood I’ll maybe the
achieve the stay once bonus of 1,000 points and maybe the weekend

Let us
know what offer you get in the comments below!

Offer details

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate: Earn 500 to 30,000 or more Bonus IHG
Rewards Club Points when you complete stays at IHG Hotels Worldwide.
Bonus varies by member  Full details, online registration and booking (Registration is required) Jan 1 – Apr 30, 18

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