Carlson Hotels Club Carlson: 100% Bonus for buying points until November 28

A very short term buy points bonus from Club Carlson is a good one! For
today and tomorrow you’ll receive a 100% bonus on any Club Carlson Gold
Points you buy. Normally you pay US$7 for 1,000 points and now you’ll
get 2,000 points for that same amount. You can buy up to 40,000 points
per year so if you have not purchased any Club Carlson points yet this
year you can come out with 80,000 points with this promotion for only
US$280.00 or only .35 cents per point. With free nights starting as low as 9,000 points you could be paying as little as US$31.50 for a hotel stay.

A quick check of a random Category 3 hotel shows the potential savings here:

This Radisson Blu in Warsaw is 28,000 points, which with the buy points promotion would cost you US$98 or about C$130 where the best members rate that can be cancelled is C$184. That’s close to a 30% savings if you bought points and used them for the stay rather than booking the room directly.

Offer details

100% Bonus Gold Points when you buy Gold Points online. Buy Points Here. Until Nov 28, 17

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