Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan and Groupon new customer bonus increased to 1,000 miles on first purchase!

You may recall that back in May we were the first to bring you the details
of the new Groupon and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan partnership. Well
there is even better news now if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet
as Groupon has now doubled the new customer first purchase bonus to
1,000 miles from 500!

earn rates are great with the direct partnership. New Groupon customers
will now receive 1,000 miles on their first eligible purchase of over $30
while existing customers will continue to earn 4 miles/dollar on eligible Groupon
purchases. That’s right 4 miles per dollar! That is a really good earn
rate, especially if buying a large ticket getaway! Compare this to 3
miles per dollar via the Mileage Plan online shopping mall and you can
see why you want to go direct.

After signing into Groupon via the special Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan link you’ll have to input your Mileage Plan number and once you have you’ll be presented with the following:

Make sure you input the promo code ALASKAVIP at check out, which you can
confirm is applied when it states Miles post within 14 days:

Overall this is great news as there are lots of you who use Groupon to
save some money on local deals and even travel purchases and now you can
earn more miles for doing so! Will you start earning Mileage Plan miles
on your Groupon purchases?

Click here to learn more about this partnership and to start earning miles on Groupon purchases