New Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan and Groupon partnership! 500 miles for new customer purchases and 4 miles per dollar for existing customers

You now have one more shopping avenue for earning Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles and its a pretty big one: Groupon.
When Groupon approached us last fall via email and then at a conference
to discuss the topic of issuing miles for purchases we of course told
them yes, yes you should! We discussed more than this of course but for
our readers you really just care about being able to earn the miles. Now
about 7 months later they have their first partner and it is one we all
love, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan! I know you’ll say I’ve already been
earning Mileage Plan miles with Groupon via Alaska Airlines Mileage
Plan shopping (their online shopping portal) but now you can earn more
with this direct partnership.

The earn rates are great with the direct partnership. New Groupon
customers will receive 500 miles on their first eligible purchase of
over $30 while existing customers will earn 4 miles/dollar on eligible
Groupon purchases. That’s right 4 miles per dollar! That is a really
good earn rate, especially if buying a large ticket getaway! Compare
this to 3 miles per dollar via the Mileage Plan online shopping mall and
you can see why you want to go direct.

After signing into Groupon via the special Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan link you’ll have to input your Mileage Plan number and once you have you’ll be presented with the following:

I tested the promo code out on a local purchase, the promo code was
applied properly and it even provided a discount (the discount is for a
limited time only):

Overall this is great news as there are lots of you who use Groupon to
save some money on local deals and even travel purchases and now you can
earn more miles for doing so! Will you start earning Mileage Plan miles
on your Groupon purchases?

Click here to learn more about this partnership and to start earning miles on Groupon purchases