Marriott Rewards Summer MegaBonus – 2,000 bonus points per stay starting with 2nd stay + 2,000 more for multiple brand stays

Marriott officially released their Summer MegaBonus promotion today
along with SPG and Ritz-Carlton which they own and we’ll detail those
bonuses after this one. Marriott’s Infinite Points MegaBonus will reward
any one who can complete multiple stays this summer as the bonus
doesn’t kick in until your 2nd stay. That bonus is 2,000 when you
complete your second stay at any Marriott Hotels Worldwide and then also
after that 2nd stay you can get an additional 2,000 points for each new
brand of hotel under the Marriott banner that you stay at. So if you
stay at a Marriott first and then complete a second stay at a Courtyard
you’ll earn the 2,000 bonus points for completing 2 stays and you’ll get
2,000 points for having a new brand on that second stay. Have a third
stay at a Residence Inn? Well that’s an additional 4,000 bonus points
and so on!

Offer details

Earn up to 4,000 Bonus Rewards Points per stay at participating Marriott
Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Earn 2,000 bonus points on each stay
starting with your 2nd stay and earn 2,000 bonus points for each brand
of Marriott hotel you stay at starting with your 2nd brand. Full details, online registration and booking (Registration is required) Register & book by Aug 30 for stays May 27 – Sep 4, 2017

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