Earn up to 10,000 Cathay Pacific Asia Miles for Hertz rentals – exact amount depends on how far you drive!

OK so we’ve seen lots of great bonus offers lately for car rentals (SAS,
Iberia, United) and all are based upon the number of days you rent. In
fact almost every car rental bonus we have posted in our 15+ year
history is based on days, car group size etc. but now we have an offer
that we can’t ever recall seeing. This bonus is based upon how many
miles you drive (and has day/car requirements) That’s right, the farther
you drive the bigger the bonus you get. No matter what they’ll start
you off with 2,000 miles. A decent amount of miles even if you only
drive 1 mile. Hit 5,000 miles and you’ll get 5,000 miles. Hit 10,000 and
you’ll get 10,000 miles. Drive between 2,000 and 10,000 miles and
you’ll get that amount of miles as your bonus. Driving 10,000 miles on
one rental? Really may only happen if you are doing a long rental to
drive all around Europe or perhaps across Australia. Maybe New York to
LA and back? I don’t think many will get to 10,000 but hey if you are
one of those people, good on you!

Offer details
Earn up to 10,000 Asia Miles
when you rent with Hertz for 3 or more days in in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Asia. Full details Book by Jul 31 for rentals until Aug 31, 17 Rentals in Europe must be booked and picked up from 10 May to 25 June 2017.

Bonuses as follows:

Miles Driven Asia Miles Earned
1-1,999 miles 2,000
2,000-10,000 miles 1 per mile driven

(e.g. 5,000 when you drive 5,000 miles)

10,001 miles or above 10,000

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